“The Loop” How nuance impacts predictive modeling

Recently, we discussed “The importance of Closing the Loop on Your Data”. Let’s go a bit deeper on the subject of predictive modeling (some folks use the term AI) and how the nuance of your closed loop data has a significant impact on predictive modeling. Let’s examine two areas of nuance that so often get […]

Design your RTIM data with purpose

Everything we do at Toovio starts with a strategic objective that is tied to a measurable outcome. Once we have those two things determined we can begin to design RTIM (real-time interaction management) data with a purpose. There are many examples but for this blog, we focus on a fast-casual restaurant trying to grow night […]

What are micro trigger campaigns and how do you identify a trigger?

A micro trigger campaign should be considered a new kind of marketing campaign. For comparison, let’s consider the following kinds of marketing campaigns listed in order of their complexity and sophistication. Batch and Blast You have a new product announcement that’s launching on Friday at 10am and you want your entire customer base to know […]

How to leverage The Diversity Paradigm to drive incremental sales

In last week’s blog we tackled the concept The Diversity Paradigm, what it is and why it matters. This week’s blog continues on that theme and focuses on how you leverage diversity to create incremental revenue. To do that, we must balance the equation. We must diversify digital stimulus until its status rivals the diversity […]

The Diversity Paradigm

What is it We at Toovio define the diversity paradigm as the equilibrium of the diversity of features associated with customer behavior and digital stimulus. Customer behavior refers to any transactional data a customer generates as they interact with an organization. Digital stimulus is any content across digital channels that the organization distributes intentionally or […]

Insight Latency

We’ve been through the big data hype cycle and many of us have heard the phrase “data latency” which usually refers to the speed at which data moves. But what about the speed at which data insights move? Say what??? Let’s examine these steps in an illustrative process how an insight goes from hypothesis to […]

The Importance of Closing the Loop on Your Data

Over the past decade the big data hype cycle has taught us that while data is important it’s not necessarily its size but its value that matters. We get value from data by discovering insights based on desirable outcomes and taking action on them through 1:1 customer decisioning. Closing the loop means we have to […]

Toovio Generated 4X Times Conversion Rate and 30X times Incremental Revenue for Tigo

Toovio, a leading data technology company which helps enterprises to boost revenue, improve profitability, and enhance customer experience by taking action based on real-time, customer behavior insights, announced that they have successfully helped Tigo Paraguay, a telecom operator, to better respond to customer event data with promotional mobile messages “in the moment“. Tigo Paraguay, the […]

Offers that find the “right” customers?

Everybody talks about the right offer to the right customer at the right time. While this is exciting, its also very difficult for most if not all… But Why? The overhead associated with testing and learning what offers work vs. not is the problem. The time, cost and complexity associated with testing a new or […]

How is Toovio different?

We get this one all the time and it just hit me this morning its actually a very simple answer. In the past decade over 35+ implementations we’ve learned that real-time marketing systems only work well under certain conditions. These conditions can be categorized into two buckets Characteristics of the business modelpre-existing decision component frameworkToovio […]