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Because we deliver incremental revenue, leading brands worldwide rely on our capabilities to harness the true value of their customer data.

We’re proud to partner with global brands operating across different geographies and different industries.

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A selection of Case Studies

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Increased Revenue from Subscribers

Tigo are a telecom operator in Paraguay & are part of the Milicom Group with a subscriber base of 5 million customers.

Campaign optimization was labour intensive and not scalable. Constrained quality  of available resources, manual steps for ongoing customer segmentation and targeting was becoming cost prohibitive. Everything was too slow, time to market was lost and the impact was losing effectiveness.

Tigo use Toovio’s trigger-based marketing solution in multiple inbound and outbound campaigns for stimulating upsell, cross sell, and retention campaigns. Initially collaborating with the existing team, Toovio replaced the manual processes with the Artificial Intelligence to extend more personalized and relevant offers to customers across channels. Thus, increasing the uptake of offers and maximizing customer profitability. Using AI, feature engineering, and a robust next best offer methodology, Toovio determined the best offer in real time for the customer (based on their behaviour) and delivered it via SMS and USSD based on the channel affinity of targeted customer segments. For retention, this included modelling inactivity based on not only churn risk but customer value.

Within months, incremental revenues increased by 90% and response rates increased from 4% to 15%. Rapidly changing data sets produced models every 2-4 days, which would have taken weeks/months previously. The client discontinued existing all manual segmentation (after 6 months) and directed the Toovio AI to take over.

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Churn Management in Telcoms Operator

GTT is a telecoms operator in Guyana and is part of the ATNi group. The GTT subscriber base has over 350,000 customers. GTT’s challenge was to reduce churn from a 4% consistent monthly level.

Toovio used feature engineering, by time slicing and attribution, the low-level transactional data sources. Using AI to find the correlating moment that matter data attributes to churn. This created a new stream of data that modelled this behaviour that was actionable at customer level. Experiments were then created to target these customers with offers to reduce churn.

Within 6 months churn dropped to under 1% consistently. The program was extended to create triggers for lapsed customers, and currently expanding to generate new triggers to maintain overall low churn levels.

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Increase in Sales in Health Food Industry

Sweetgreen is a venture funded, fast casual dining unicorn who have differentiated themselves by wanting to source smarter, to make better decisions and to help Sweetgreen and its customers be a positive force in the world and on the food system. They started in the eastern United States and is now serving more than 6 million customers

Making repeat customers out of people who are experimenting with their food. Faced with limited windows of opportunities for customer engagement and ever-increasing customer expectations for satisfaction, the client needed to better understand what drives customer behaviour in digital channels.

Utilize Toovio AI to drive incremental sales by determining the best time and best personalized content to send to customers to increase their engagement.

Use numerous event triggers across multiple inbound and outbound campaigns with the goal of increasing customer orders within the client’s own channels (email, SMS, mobile push, app, and web). Communicate real-time performance and incremental sales back to the team for near-real time campaign offer iterations.

In just over 12 months, Toovio generated hundreds of thousands of dollars of incremental sales and an average monthly ROI of 15%. Moreover, Toovio helped grow average order per customer, average order amount and lifetime value due to our ability to scale solutions in days not months.

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Cross Sell in the Fitness Industry

LifeTime Fitness is a luxury / aspirational fitness brand. Their clubs and facilities are beautiful. The products and services are diverse ranging from weights, spa, café, personal training, swimming, tennis and more.  Lifetime refuses to dilute the brand with discounting promotions. Thus, digital messaging in email, push notifications and SMS needs to have contextual relevance at the member level and hyper personalized to their journey, interests, and aspirations.

To do this, we need to understand member behaviour across point of sale, appointment bookings, web and mobile browsing, check ins and many other transactional sources effectively in real-time. When members generate transactional data the Toovio platform reacts with digital messages that meets brand standards and objectives. There are 30+ outcomes, these triggered digital messages affect and the Toovio platform measures, models, and triggers data for each one of these outcomes for 2+ members in real-time. The contents of the messages experiment with next best time, channel, content, and call to action. This kind of multivariate experimentation is driven by AI with Toovio’s decision engine and closed loop applications.

Ultimately, this kind of initiative is worth 10% incrementally over top line annual revenue. The AI goes a variety of phases of getting smarter and we add business outcomes over time. So, in the early phases we begin with a few outcomes, and we expect 75% of all experimentation to drive incremental sales. Thus, we facilitate iteration of the winners and losers weekly to constantly improve program results.

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