Turn data into currency

We’re a customer value platform. That means we deliver revenue from customer interactions, at every stage of the customer journey. We help build the business case for technical and resource investment ensuring a return that is incremental.

The core goal of Customer Value Management is to fully understand and optimize the value of an organizations customer base. While its dynamic and continually evolving, we start by laying the foundations first – integrating inbound, outbound and lifecycle management before moving to develop intelligent triggers, leveraging real-time decisioning and always on AI.

Toovio services
Toovio Services

The evolution of CVM

There are a number of stages to developing a Customer Value Management strategy. These stages are not linear. Some organizations are at a mature stage and want the reassurance that they are set up for success. Others may have invested in the technology but want to optimize its capability, while many need support building out an end-to-end customer value management operating structure.

Whatever your specific need, we can help.


Before we start any engagement, we run a quick 4 week Ignite discovery session.

We call it ‘ignite’ because it’s all about sparking the engine and starting to fuel growth. This discovery session allows us very quickly and effectively understand your business, where are the quick wins and where are the bigger strategic opportunities that can be scaled. It also helps us understand the organizations operating model and the technology and system integration requirements.

Customer Strategy & Consulting

No matter where you are in your Customer Value Management journey, our expert consultants have a nuanced understanding of what delivers results.

They will provide the strategy and support to bring you to the next level by devising a CVM blue print that will help scale and streamline your operations - delivering personalized, real time, omni channel customer interactions that drive incrementality.

We have playbooks of best practise that can easily be implemented to bring your organization to world class levels in a fraction of the time. We help you build the business case, that articulates what incremental potential exists by inserting customer intelligence into your customer interactions.

Whether we’re involved from the get go or just onsite for a few weeks, our team can fill in the gaps, especially in highly specialized areas like modelling and measurement, data analysis, KPI setting, reporting and performance improvements.

Customer Strategy & Consulting

Saas+ with Toovio's Platform

Driving revenue by building customer interactions at scale

Toovio’s Customer Value Platform combines Software as a Service with expert resources, all in one package. By marrying human thinking with the precision of AI powered technology, we deliver quick wins and tangible outcomes within as little as 30 days.

Our solutions encompass the operating model and culture change needed for lasting success. Our technology is the enabler to execute a holistic CVM strategy across all channels.

How it works?

how Toovio works

Toovio's technology runs large scale experimentation cycles. Our real time decisioning engine and AI driven personalization, interprets vast quantities of customer data, experimenting, analyzing, predicting, and iterating, in order to optimize and unlock its value potential. Our technology is built to ensure that value permeates throughout the organization across every customer interaction, maximizing revenue, building efficiencies and delivering scale.

For some organisations, their goal might be to detect and reduce churn, for others it might be around acquisition. Other organizations use our technology to optimise upselling and cross selling opportunities and enhance their current system capabilities.

Whatever the goal, this blend of consultancy with technology means that when you buy Toovio, you’re buying an end-to-end customer value management team!

Managed Services & Outsourced Specialist Services

Keep momentum & stay focused

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Once Toovio is embedded in your organisation we’ll provide a team to help maximise your investment. These CVM experts are responsible for implementation, ongoing system changes, ensuring you’re set up for success while continually evolving to the next level. Our managed service offering comprises a full customer value management team and dedicated client success manager.

We can also provide skilled resources in areas where organisations experience gaps. Whether we’re involved from the get go or just onsite for a few weeks, our team can fill in the gaps, especially in highly specialized areas like data analysis, KPI setting, team collaboration, reporting and performance.

Make contact with our sales team to arrange an Ignite session to explore how your organization can move towards driving incremental and value based outcomes