How to realize the true value of every single customer interaction.

Our solutions maximize the value of data, is scalable and adaptive and helps simplify and streamlines volumes of disparate data sources in order to drive incremental revenue. No matter what your industry, we turn data in to currency.

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Personalised retention offers in real time

We are living in a digital economy where customer data volumes are growing exponentially. It’s well-nigh impossible to have the expertise internally to  perform analytics in near real time, and then generate relevant offers. The human resources needed to carry this out are not only vast, but they are also not the right tool for this job!

Toovios real time AI powered decisioning engine is the solution that can identify when a customer checks their data balance while simultaneously receiving an offer to add data at a discount rate.

It is the solution that can recognize when a roaming call is ended and offer up a roaming price plan in real time. Or the solution that can remind a user to top up their pre pay balance before they cut off.

These are the moments that matter, and the opportunities to really exploit the value of your customer base.

We help telcos maximise customer life time value, increase revenue and reduce churn, through the intelligent use of real time data at scale.

Banking & Finance

Keeping more in than going out

Transactions are the lifeblood of financial service companies. While there is no such thing as too much in, there is a thing as too many out!

Toovios always on AI powered decisioning and experimentation solution can identify the client that is most likely to open a high-interest saving account after depositing a large amount and make them the offer in real time. Or upsell a credit card or unsecure lending product given their customer profile. In any day there are countless signals that can be monetised,  through routine customer interactions. Our solution is designed to identify these signals or moments that matter and  convert them in to revenue.


Retail is a promotion based business.

You are promoting what is new and what you have that others don’t, while also making sure to move inventory to make way for the next round of new products. When a customer engages with a promotion only to abandon the cart at the last minute, AI can trigger the right offer to re-engage that customer to complete that transaction.

AI is the solution that can trigger an online offer after an in-store purchase creating stickiness and high margin online customer.

Retail is filled with these small moments all the time that can be leveraged by AI to create an incredible experience with your brand.

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Striking while the emotional iron is hot, is the name of the game.

Thousands of small actions occur hourly while gaming, sending streams of data signals that can be turned into highly compelling and valuable offers. You can imagine the ability to purchase in-game currency when someone is nearing a resource-intensive obstacle before their balance runs out. 

Toovios solution identifies the most receptive players open to offers, and drives incremental sales by targeting these customers. Our technology operates even after a player has abandoned the game. Through in app messaging we can continue to deliver incentives to stimulate further game play and deliver incremental revenue gains.

By helping organisations sweat the value of their customer base, at scale, we deliver incremental revenue today and continuous customer value tomorrow.

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