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Half data science half systems integrators, we’re the coolest nerds you’ve ever met. Toovio Software as a Service+ comes with human insight as standard. When you buy a license you buy software with consultancy inside!

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Decision Engine

Business decisions can be complex, we’ve made them simple.

Our Interaction Manager App is a real time filter-score-rank system, offered as a cloud solution, with a prescriptive framework to keep end user skill sets to a minimum. In simply terms it’s a robust paint by numbers approach to decisioning.

This also includes an evaluating option. Processing in real-time, millions of data points, it provides recommendations across multiple channels delivering value at scale. Our solution designs Next Best Action decision strategies and personalised offer interactions that can be deployed across all channels

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Experiment Engine

Actionable data like you’ve never seen before

The resulting data from the decision engine is useless unless we have a framework for experimentation and measurement that allows us to “keep score” and quickly classify winners and losers. Our Closed Loop App delivers a user-friendly modelling and measurement capability that marketeers and data scientists can both leverage to optimise decision making.

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Each experiment is associated to a specific measurable outcome. If you have 50 outcomes, you’ll have 50 experiments. We call them experiments, rather than campaigns, specifically because they have control groups and are built upon experimental design principles.

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The loop is a centralized and curated time series data stream which records all of your organizations interactions with customers. Typically, each interaction has the following dispositions; trigger, processed, decision, engagement and most importantly “beyond the click”… conversion. This data stream is arguably the most valuable customer data your organization could wield.

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Toovio metrics flow from our Volume-Conversion-Value proprietary method of measurement. These stats are fundamentally tied the loop and the nuances of the experiments. This data tells us what’s working and what’s not.

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The why behind the what. Drivers show us the winners and losers in our experiments determined by the control group. We typically see a 75% or better win rate which means if you tested 10 variants in your experiment 2-3 of those variants are likely to underperform the control group and would be classified as losers. Each variant has a predictive model so we can see the customer data that drives winners vs. losers. This data informs iteration and next steps.

Predictive Engine

Our adaptive predictive modelling is designed to learn through iteration.

Powered by AI, the intelligence can be adapted to multiple business challenges and scenarios.

Whether its building targets, independent variables, feature engineering techniques, or adaptation windows our tool facilitates this collaborating between stakeholders and data scientists. Once the parameters are set a technical architect can configure and turn on the app. Model scores are available via API and adapt and update autonomously.

Configurable to your organizations needs


Competition is fierce. Customers behaviour changes in an instant. Use our Next Best Customer solution to identify and acquire new prospects from the market with sophisticated AI profiling.

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Cross Sell & Upsell

Right time, right offer. Customer data insights are a bit like produce from a grocery store… they have a shelf life. People, specifically customers and their behavior, change over time. Get value from these data insights before they go stale by recommending relevant offers with our Next Best Sales solution. We use advanced predictive likelihood to purchase models, that challenge the ‘pile em high and price em low’ (one size fits all) sales approach.

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Predict and detect churn with our Next Best Save AI adaptive churn modelling solution. Use for reactive inbound or proactive outbound activities to save customers and build lifetime loyal valuable customers.

Conversational AI Bot

Stay on top of your results in an instant.

Our latest addition to the Toovio product suite is Toovi , our AI bot with a difference.

Toovi is your reporting assistant for the Toovio suite of products. He takes voice and text commands for questions and delivers answers back quickly and accurately about your metrics in our software.

SaaS Toovio

Our Cloud Ecosystem

Our cloud-based technology solution, powered by AI, is designed to work across all cloud platforms. We will work with you to define the right cloud environment for your business to run our software, whilst ensuring all privacy and data security requirements are met.

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Our technology partners.

We partner with the world’s leading CDP’s and CEP’s including Pega, Adobe, Salesforce and Braze. With over 45 decisioning implementations worldwide, our API is designed to deliver breakthrough results. Source all partner brand original logos


Toovio services are priced as a service (SaaS+) for two reasons NEED & SUPPORT

Our experience shows us for most organizations, experimentation like this need vendor support.

Experimentation needs to be consumed by the organization as an operating expense vs. a capital expense as you already have acquired the technology and data infrastructure required.

Toovio Saas+ can start as low as $5k per month.

Toovio Trial

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Contact us: Email: or Phone: +1 612-567-1391

Contact us: 
Email: or
Phone: +
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