What makes us different?

We harness the infinite power of data through real time decisioning, and always on AI, turning it into a continuous stream of revenue. We call this intelligence in motion.

Aggregating data from different parts of the organization in to one central repository, we then apply advanced AI to interpret and exploit its value from millions of lines of data. This doesn’t just require clever algorithms but a deep and nuanced understanding of what information is important and what can be discarded, and how through continuous experimentation, analysis, measuring, and modeling, data can be transformed to drive incrementality.

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We’re more than a customer data platform, we’re a customer value platform.

No organization is the same – nor is its data.
Technology is an enabler but it alone, is not the panacea.

Our technology is supported by a team of practitioner led domain experts who have worked in some of the most demanding and complex data environments globally. Our unified platform blends consultancy with technology ensuring that when you buy Toovio, you’re buying an end-to-end customer value management team!

Our Key Differentiators

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Our Journey

Global reach, local flavour: We’re a global brand with offices in USA and in Dublin, servicing clients in EMEA, USA and Sth America. The spirit that drives us comes from this coalition of practitioners and technologies; bringing together a collective of truly exceptional high-performance data analysts, BI’s, commercial leaders and programmers- each of them a specialist in understanding where the gaps and opportunities exist within organizations to fully extract the maximum value of data.

Our Locations

We’ve a global brand with offices in USA, and in Dublin servicing clients from EMEA, USA and South America.

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Our senior team includes practitioners, data analysts & technologists

Supported by a team of specialists, across data engineering, data science, campaign decisioning, value analytics and marketing strategy

Joshua Smith Toovio

Joshua Smith

CEO & Co-Founder

A recognized leader in artificial intelligence and data technology.

Roshan Bhatnagar toovio

Rhoshan Bhatnager

COO & Co-Founder

Proven ability to transform high- level concepts into technology solutions with proven ROI.

Catherine Lonergan Toovio

Catherine Lonergan


A pioneer of Customer Value Management (CVM), a recognised expert in the field solving churn & sales performance problems.

Gary Stockert


A passion for helping solve marketing challenges with data and analytics, helping organisations across the globe to grow their revenues and margins.

Our vision

At Toovio we want to continuously push the boundaries of data monetization as a lever for business growth.

Our values

Our values underpin everything we do and inspire us every day to achieve our vision – to continuously push the boundaries of data monetization as a lever for business growth.


We’re adventurous and inventive in we never stop questioning- ‘’What if?’’, ‘’Why not?’’- so we never let an opportunity pass us by. 


Monetizing data is still relatively new. We educate our customers on the types of data that can change the world.


Our culture of agility, our hardwired sense of curiosity and our determined nature to never let any challenge go undefeated means we always deliver.


We seek ways to continually increase the economic value of data by evolving our AI & analytics capabilities & investing in our people so we are always at the cutting edge of progress. 

Toovio Trial

Why not take advantage of a Toovio trial? Our quick win software is designed to deliver real impact ? To request a trial click here and one of our practitioners will be in touch.