The people behind Toovio

We are a Practitioner led team of domain experts who have worked in some of the most demanding and complex data environments within global companies.

This means we not only understand technology and systems integration but how to operate it at a scale that rationalizes a ROI for any size organization.

Toovio Ignite

We have distilled this knowledge into a discovery methodology that allows us to quickly and effectively.

We call this transformational piece of work, Ignite.

To drive incremental performance on value- based outcomes through experimentation we’ll need to teach your org how to cycle through experimentation at a sufficient speed. Cycling through what we call “The loop” is relatively theeasy part. The hard part is the spark… where do we start? How do we Ignite the engine? And how do we do it in a way that doesn’t risk it all.

Ignite takes 30 days in duration and requires at least two workshops with several roles from your team and some interviews. With this input, the Toovio team will need 2 weeks to complete the work that will lay the foundation a roadmap we can mutually monetize for years to come.

The Ignite Methodology

The Ignite methodology involves parallel effort to assess the current capabilities while identifying potential quick win gap closures in real-time while designing final recommendations, delivered in 4 weeks.

Arrange an Ignite session to see how Toovio can work for you.