Within eight months, incremental revenues increased by 90% and response rates increased by 11%.


A subsidiary of the largest telecommunication group in Latin America serving more than 4 million customers in the country and accounting for more than 60% of the entire install base.


Campaign optimization was too labor intensive to keep up with at scale. Constrained by the number and quality of available resources, the manual steps involved in ongoing customer segmentation and targeting was starting to be cost prohibitive. Everything was happening too slowly that by the time they have launched a new offer into the market, it has lost its effectiveness.


Use Toovio’s trigger-based marketing solution in multiple inbound and outbound campaigns for stimulating upsell, cross-sell, and retention.

Initially, collaborating with the existing team, Toovio ended up replacing their manual customer segmentation process, with the Artificial Intelligence, to extend more personalized and relevant offers to customers across channels. Thus increasing the uptake of offers and maximizing customer profitability.

Using AI, feature engineering, and a robust next best offer methodology, Toovio determined the best offer in real time for the customer (based on their behavior) and delivered it via SMS and USSD based on the channel affinity of targeted customer segments.

For retention, this included modeling inactivity based on not only churn risk but customer value.


Within eight months, incremental revenues increased by 90% and response rates increased from 4% to 15%.

Due to the fact that the Toovio’s model is rebuilt every 2-4 days to prioritize the most recent and relevant data, it was able to take advantage of rapidly changing data sets.

The client discontinued existing all manual segmentation (after 6 months) and directed the Toovio AI to take over all segmentation using feature engineering.

With the Toovio platform, they now make marketing changes in minutes, not days or weeks.

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Toovio has been a fantastic partner to us here at GT&T. They have helped us decrease churn and retain our prepaid customers over the last few years. Toovio continues to be flexible and responsive to the needs of our business.

Randall Emerson Hewitt, Lead Mobile Services, GT&T, Guyana