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Toovio Forays Into Indian Market

Data technology company, Toovio has announced its entry and a direct presence in the fast-growing India market. Toovio is a SaaS-based marketing solution provider focused on enabling multi-channel offer orchestration, built from the sophisticated...

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Offers that find the “right” customers?

Everybody talks about the right offer to the right customer at the right time. While this is exciting, its also very difficult for most if not all… But Why? The overhead associated with testing and learning what offers work vs. not is the problem....

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How is Toovio different?

We get this one all the time and it just hit me this morning its actually a very simple answer. In the past decade over 35+ implementations we've learned that real-time marketing systems only work well under certain conditions. These conditions can...

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Bridging Digital + Physical consumer experiences

For a lot of us, the speed at which technology advances can seem to alienate people rather than bring them together. Certainly, in the world of B2B marketing software there is room for improvement with respect to bringing people together. As human...

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Big Data: Value from a Marketers’ Perspective

I’m a big fan of data and the geek in me enjoys the typical research we all see out there today on Big Data with respect to the 3 Vs. The graphic below shows the interaction between the 3 Vs of big data:...

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Real-Time Marketing Defined

For the marketer, the ability to test, learn and react with your marketing content & initiatives in a contextual, relevant and consistent manner irrespective of how diverse and frequent multi channel consumer channel interactions occur. That’s...

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