We cultivate data through empathy

Half data science half systems integrators, we’re the
coolest nerds you’ve ever met.

The AI needs human domain
expertise and vice versa.

The language to bridge the two worlds is data
and we extract it with empathy.


We’ve learned many hard lessons in our 20 years of moving customer metrics through technology and data. These are the most meaningful.

Diversity paradigm

People are diverse. The digital channels, products and services people use are also diverse. So, we need to make digital communications as diverse as your customers. Channel, time, content, number of contacts, offer, etc. are but a few of the dimensions of digital communication diversity. Which dimension is worthy of a test? What values should we test in a single dimension? Should we conduct multivariate tests? These questions and many like them are answered through experimentation.

Insight latency

A data insight is a bit like produce from the grocery store… It has a shelf life. People, specifically customers and their behavior, change over time. The reasons why are plentiful and certainly change by industry and sometimes by experiment. So, we’ve got to move FAST. Trigger based experiments and real-time measurement with robust and resilient control groups enable us to get value from insights before they go stale.

Feature Engineering

Toovio will take your customer transaction data and engineer hundreds if not thousands of features for the purposes of predictive modeling and experimentation. A feature is engineered by time and or attribution. What does it mean when a customer suddenly (last 2 weeks) buys unscented toiletries for the first time ever? What does it mean when a member looks at a 7am weekday studio spin class 4 times in an 8hr period but has never attended such a class before and has never checked into the club in the AM? In the context of strategic objectives that have been mapped to a measurable outcome (i.e. experimentation), these features are invaluable. It is through experimentation that enables us to find your shiny data.

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