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Trigger based marketing powered by artificial Intelligence.

In a world where consumers are constantly changing, how is your customer management strategy keeping up? Are you challenged to deliver on your strategic ambitions? Do you know where to start? Get started today and find out where your company stands, our assessment below will help us help you, as you think through your current approach and what new future state could be.


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    1. Does your business operate B2C, B2B or Both?*

    2. Are you responsible for commercial KPIs?*

    3. Do you have a customer management strategy, and if so, where is your focus?*

    4. Do you measure customer success on value or volume?*

    5. Do you own the customers’ transactional data?*

    6. Can you generate actionable insights from your data in a timely manner?*

    7. Are you currently using any real-time interaction management platforms for Marketing?*

    8. Are all outbound and inbound interactions recorded?*

    9. Do you have multiple technology platforms in place, and if so, where are the skillsets located?*

    10. Are you working to improve your customers' digital journey and would like help with it?*

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